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Become Your Best Self

Our commitment is to empower individuals and couples with the knowledge, tools and coaching necessary for developing self-mastery and living from their personal highest ground.

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Create Profound Results in Your Life

Transform challenges and breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Lower your overall level of emotional reactivity and increase your resilience, happiness, and well-being.

Accelerate your personal growth and enhance your ability to manifest the life you want.

Our mission

…is to promote integral emotional intelligence.

This approach to personal development encompasses all four domains of human expression and how they interact: mind, body, emotions, and spirit or consciousness. The principles of this holistic, integrated approach illuminate how to live a more authentic life and master the art of everyday transformation.

We envision a world in which having a holistic understanding of how to be emotionally intelligent is commonplace.

Our goal is to enable individuals to empower themselves to develop an unshakeable sense of their inner being and operate more fully from their authentic self.

New Book on Developing Emotional Intelligence

Integral Emotional Intelligence FINAL Volume I

Gain self-mastery, live from your most authentic self, and cause transformation.

This book is an introduction to the foundational concepts and practices of being emotionally intelligence in a holistic way. It contains the keys to radical self-empowerment, enabling you to embody and live life from your personal highest ground and shift from dysfunctional, unsatisfying dynamics to more positive, functional, and fulfilling ones.

“This book is not about fixing or repairing what’s broken. It is about helping already fully functioning and healthy human beings learn to embody their authentic self and gain access to previously unthinkable levels of love, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.”

—Neal Rogin, author of Delightenment

Videos & Podcasts

Becoming Your Own Healer

Listen to Shannon Howard’s guest appearance on the CancerTalks podcast June 10, 2022.

Click the image to play on YouTube, or click here to play from the CancerTalks website.


Living Above the Line:
An Introduction to Self-Mastery

Potential Areas of Benefit

Our clients have reported that gaining emotional literacy and practicing the core competencies of integral emotional intelligence has created positive outcomes in every area of their lives.

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What Our Clients Say

“I’m proud of how I have turned this past year around and am so grateful for the knowledge you have given me to do so. I tear up when I think of how much you’ve changed the outcome for me.”


“Shannon and Lonnie are pulling together an encyclopedic range of knowledge and insights that lays out an integrated approach to being profoundly well.”


“The time and experience I have had with you has been so very valuable to me. I love the clarity it has brought to my life, and I love the clear, open container you offer to do the work in. To really feel self-love was the biggest gift of all.”


Challenges in life tend to fall into one or more of three categories: opportunities for learning and growth, opportunities for training and empowerment, or opportunities for building character.
Often, they are all three.

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