Create an Extraordinary Life

Integral Emotional Intelligence: Keys to Creating an Extraordinary Life contains the knowledge and practices necessary to empower yourself to accelerate your personal growth. In it you will discover how to build a stronger foundation for your life, increase your sense of agency, and enhance your ability to manifest the life you want.

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New Book on Developing Emotional Intelligence

Integral Emotional Intelligence FINAL Volume I

Just as humans need to acquire reading literacy, so too must we make the effort to become emotionally literate—it is a knowledge base that is necessary for navigating life with ease, success, and joy.

The purpose of this book is to empower you to gain greater self-mastery, practice the art of everyday transformation, and consistently live from your best, most authentic self.

Self-empowerment is the basic operating principle that informs this work of inner emancipation and is the criterion against which all theory and practices are measured. The material in this book is understandable, accessible, and, above all, practical. It is clearly presented and takes you one step at a time through the process of developing greater self-awareness and building a more powerful foundation for your life.

Strengthen Your Resilience

Emotional intelligence is the key to being resilient, which is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Your resilience is the degree to which you can recover your sense of self, your equilibrium, and your well-being in the face of challenges.

“This book is not about fixing or repairing what’s broken. It is about helping already fully functioning and healthy human beings learn to embody their authentic self and gain access to previously unthinkable levels of love, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. It offers professionals in the field of human behavior a comprehensive blueprint for empowering individuals to achieve true self-mastery.

“The word ‘breakthrough’ is often overused and under deserved. But in this case, it is the most appropriate way to describe the impact this work will have on our ability to support people to live fuller, happier, and more joyous lives.”

—Neal Rogin, author of Delightenment

The Mastery of Integral Emotional Intelligence Program

The work of The Highest Ground Institute is based upon the foundational knowledge and practices contained within this three-volume curriculum. These books are an owner’s manual for being human and a resource and reference guide for anyone who is interested in accelerating their personal growth or in enhancing their ability to effectively empower others.

This material is presented as a series of concise and readable textbooks that include both theory and practice. Although only Volume I has been published to date, the material contained in all three volumes is currently available through our therapeutic counseling and transformational life coaching programs.

Click on each tab below to learn more about the three volumes that make up the complete curriculum of The Mastery of Integral Emotional Intelligence Program.

Keep Calm Stay Above the Line

Volume I: Keys to Creating an Extraordinary Life

Integral Emotional Intelligence FINAL Volume I

This first volume is an introduction to the foundational concepts of integral emotional intelligence. This is the basic knowledge and practices needed to embody being emotionally intelligent in a holistic way, with an emphasis on practicing self-awareness. The main theme of this textbook is understanding the path of self-mastery. In addition to being self-aware, self-mastery requires a thorough understanding of the nature of your psyche and mastering the ability to intentionally move from dysfunctional to functional interpersonal dynamics.

There are four main sections in this volume:

  • Understanding Your Multidimensional Self
  • Cultivating Your Inner Adult

  • Choosing How You Show Up in Life

  • Creating a Foundation for Self-Mastery

Volume II: Keys to Emotional Mastery and Creating Freedom from the Past

Integral Emotional Intelligence FINAL Volume II

The second volume of this series includes two main sections, the first of which is Emotional Mastery: Successfully Navigating the Turbulence of Challenging Emotions. This section covers the nature and physiology of emotions as well as best practices for dealing with your most difficult feelings. This includes how to process and release constrictive emotions that are a response to something in the present, plus how to work with unprocessed feelings from the past that cause reactivity. The goal for this part of the program is to enhance your ability to create greater freedom from the grip of fear, how to process pain and end suffering, use anger constructively, and put an end to guilt.

The second section of this volume is Getting Free of the Past: Healing Shame and Transforming Your Sense of Self. The themes for this section are healing wounds from the past, reclaiming your sense of wholeness, and shifting from being driven or constrained by the past to being called forward by the future. This includes understanding the difference between healthy shame and toxic shame as well as how to recognize and work with both types in beneficial ways.

Volume III: Keys to Living an Authentic Life

Integral Emotional Intelligence FINAL Volume III

The third volume of this course is also in two sections. The first section is Transformative Communication Skills for Thriving Relationships. This part is about mastering how to express yourself and respond to others from your best self. It is about learning the language of your conscious self and how to express the qualities of this authentic self in your actions, so that your inner and outer worlds are congruent. It includes material on assertive speaking, reflective listening, building trust, creating intimacy and partnership, dealing with conflict constructively, and creating workable agreements.

The second section of this third volume is Exceptional Well-being: Living an Authentic and Heart-Centered Life. This part of the program covers the knowledge and skills that are essential for consistently living from your best self and creating a highly functional reality. The context of this part of the program is creating a life that is rich in enjoyment, fun, well-being, and fulfillment. It includes sections on harnessing the power of your intention to create success, discovering the nature of your soul and your future self, building character, centering in your personal power and agency, and living a joyful, self-actualized life.