Lonnie Green

Lonnie Green M.Ed., Ph.D.

During the more than 40 years of her professional career, Lonnie Green has been a counselor, a workshop facilitator, a public speaker, and a teacher. Currently her focus is on writing about the topics of self-mastery and emotional intelligence. She considers herself to be a change agent and is dedicated to empowering her clients and students in making the behavioral, mental, and emotional adjustments they sincerely want to make in their lives.

Motivated by her fascination with human behavior, Lonnie has inquired deeply into why people behave the way they do and what it takes for individuals to change their attitudes, thoughts, and emotional reactions. While these are serious questions, she brings a humorous and light-hearted way of engaging with them, illuminating the joy that can be found while in the midst of the challenges we face in becoming who we really are.

Lonnie’s primary aim is to have her clients feel as good as possible about themselves, their lives, and their relationships. She has traveled extensively and currently resides in the Bay Area of California.