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Shannon M. Howard

Shannon M. Howard is a spiritual teacher, a personal development life coach, and a parenting mentor. She has devoted decades of study to the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, holistic health, and the Enneagram personality typing system. Shannon is passionate about nutrition, health, and well-being, and is committed to discovering as much as she can about leading a joyful, heart-centered life.

Over the past several decades, Shannon has worked internationally as a consultant, coach, and executive in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. Her previous areas of focus were organizational development and strategy, leadership development, fundraising, communications, conflict resolution, high-performance teambuilding, and project management. She has raised millions of dollars for causes such as ending hunger, transforming societal conflict and contemplative spirituality.

Shannon has devoted over a decade to researching and developing The Mastery of Integral Emotional Intelligence with Lonnie Green. She has lived in Canada, India, and England and currently resides in Sonoma, California.